Club Champions

Club Champions

The Club Championship Trophy celebrates the club that has performed the best overall across a season. 

The criteria have changed over the years, but are broadly defined as:

  • Best final average point score rankings
  • Best attendance across all teams
  • Best weighted goal average for the club
  • Penalties for forced losses/forfeits
  • Bonuses for number of medals won, divisional winners and club size


Modern day (2012+) winners

Following its creation in 1968, the trophy was revived in 2012 to award clubs on a seasonal (rather than yearly) basis, as a result of the introduction of the Winter Season in 2004.



Winter 2017 Gunnamatta
Summer 2016/17 Sutherland
Winter 2016 Caringbah
Summer 2015/16 Gunnamatta
Winter 2015 Arctic
Summer 2014/15 Gunnamatta
Winter 2014 Shire
Summer 2013/14 Arctic
Winter 2013 Caringbah
Summer 2012/13 Gunnamatta
Winter 2012 Caringbah


Historial (pre-2012) winners

The first run of the trophy was awarded from 1968 to 1996.



1968 Carss Park A.S.C.
1969 Carss Park A.S.C.
1970 Carss Park A.S.C.
1971 Carss Park A.S.C.
1972 Carss Park A.S.C.
1973 Carss Park A.S.C.
1974 Not awarded
1975 Cronulla R.S.L.
1976 Gymea Bay
1977 Gymea Bay
1978 Sutherland
1979 Sutherland A.S.C.
1980 St George A.W.P.C.
1981 St George A.W.P.C.
1982 Sutherland A.S.C.
1983 Sutherland A.S.C.
1984 Sutherland A.S.C.
1985 St George A.W.P.C.
1986 St George A.W.P.C.
1987 St George A.W.P.C.
1988 St George A.W.P.C.
1989 St George A.W.P.C.
1990 Sutherland A.S.C.
1991 Gymea Bay A.S.C.
1996 Caringbah H.S.