Our Clubs

Our Clubs

The SSWPA is comprised of the clubs below.

While each club generally services a geographic region within the Sutherland Shire, these regions overlap and there is no requirement to join one club over another - the primary way to choose a club is by price and training location (either Caringbah, Engadine, Revesby).

Arctic Water Polo Club

Arctic Water Polo Club

Home Pool: Revesby (TBA)
Club Champions: Summer 2013/14, Winter 2015
Ages Supported: All ages (8-18, Opens / U18)  ... male/female
Representatives: *Bruce Jackson / Arturo Alibrandi / **Brooke Dredge
Contact: As above
Phone: *0419 277 035 / **0409 832 000 (text only)
Email: arctic@waterpolo.asn.au
Website: www.arctic.asn.au

Bundeena Water Polo Club

Bundeena Water Polo Club

(Not a Current Club)

Home Pool: No training is held./ No Club management - so no one to run club
Club Champions: Not won previously
Ages Supported: Adults only (Opens)
Email: bundeena@waterpolo.asn.au

Gunnamatta Water Polo

Gunnamatta Sharks Water Polo

Home Pool: Caringbah
Club Champions: Summer 2012/13, Summer 2014/15, Summer 2015/16, Winter 2017
Ages Supported: All ages 8-18, Opens (male/female)
Representatives: Mark Mitchenson, Shelly Rippon, Michael Wirth
Contact: Mark Mitchenson
Phone: 0409 483 608
Email: gunnamatta@waterpolo.asn.au 

Website: www.gunnamattawaterpolo.asn.au

Shire Water Polo Club

Shire Water Polo Club

Home Pool: No training is held.
Club Champions: Winter 2014
Ages Supported: Other than Ladies, new registrations are not accepted - existing teams only (please contact club).
Representatives: Val Bryant, Glenyce White
Contact: Val Bryant
Phone: 0414 309 890
Email: shire@waterpolo.asn.au

Sutherland Waratahs

Home Pool: Engadine
Club Champions: Summer 2016/17
Ages Supported: All ages 8-18, Opens (male/female)
Representatives: Leanne Lucy, Natalie Manley, Mark Holden
Contact: Leanne Lucy
Phone: 0412 343 148
Email: sutherland@waterpolo.asn.au

Website:Sutherland Water Polo