Risk Warning Under Section 5M of the Civil Liability Act 2002 on behalf of the Sutherland Shire Water Polo Association and participating clubs. 

The Sutherland Shire Water Polo Association (SSWPA) organises many individual and team sporting activities during the course of a year. Players participating in these sporting activities take part in practice and in competitions. 

SSWPA and its clubs expect players to take responsibility for their own safety by wearing compulsory safety equipment, by thinking carefully about the use of safety equipment that is highly recommended and by behaving in a safe and responsible manner towards team members, opponents, spectators, officials, property and grounds. 

SSWPA and its clubs also expect parents, spectators and other participants to behave in a safe and responsible manner, to comply with the Code of Conduct and to set a good example for the players. 

While SSWPA and its clubs take measures to make the sporting activities as safe as reasonably possible for participants, there is a risk that players can be injured and suffer loss (including financial loss) and damage as a result of their participation in these sporting activities, whether at training or in actual events. Parents, spectators and officials could also be injured or suffer loss. 

Such injury can occur while the player is engaging in or watching a sporting activity, or travelling to and from the event. The injury may result from a players' actions, the actions of others, the state of the premises or equipment failure. 

On some occasions, an injury can be serious (such as torn ligaments, dislocations, back injuries, concussion or broken bones). In very rare cases an injury can be life threatening or result in permanent disability. If a player has a pre-existing injury, participating in a sporting activity could result in an exacerbation of that injury. 

Players could also suffer loss as a result of their personal property being lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

By registering with the SSWPA I acknowledge that I (and my children, if reading on their behalf) have read the Risk Warning (above) and appreciate that sporting activities can be dangerous. I believe myself or my children to be in a fit state to participate fully in competition.