As well as being directed and overseen by the Board, the day to day operations of the Association are run by Operations Management. The operations management team cover general logistics and operations (that is, making things happen every week), finance, human resources (including referee training, supervision and scheduling), asset management, learning & development, occupational health & safety, development and maintenance of electronic systems (such as this website), and media and communications.

The team is led by the Director of Operations Management. They may be supported by senior managers and junior managers. Each senior manager has a specific portfolio in which they specialise.




Operations  Director

 Karen  Kerr

 Management; Competitions; Electronic Systems; Media & Communications; Grants &  Sponsorship; Knowledge & Development; Human Resources; Finance; Policy

Operations Managers


 Halle Johnson / Heather Garioch 

 Logistical Support, Managerial role on Competition days


Referee Coordinator

 Lucas Bonney  Overseeing our referee team on Game Day


Referee / Operations Support

Mina Wood, Hugo Payne, Haydan Mortimer, Rory Lewis, Reece Dixon, Byron Faber, Jordan Stone

 Logistical Support

Referees fall under the banner of Operations Management, and the supervision of the Chief of Staff & Referee Development Coordinators. We are always keen to train more referees each season (vacancies permitting).

Pushing for excellence

Both Operations Staff and Referees are formally inducted into the association each season, and follow a rigorous training program to not only build up their refereeing skills poolside, but also enhance their general skills, including people management, workplace behaviour, and health and safety.

Managers undergo specific training in management, leadership building, and workshops in promoting their skills in different work areas of the association. Team bonding is a critical part of the Operations structure, ensuring the team can work smoothly together under a variety of conditions.

At the SSWPA we don't only believe in refereeing and management skills - we believe in life skills. We aim to give all our staff a well rounded skill set by the end of each season, under three concepts - excellence, knowledge and efficiency.

Knowledge is important to us - building on past experience and interactions to deliver to our players the highest quality of work that is efficient for both our management of the competition, and for smooth running for you, the player, each week. We aim to be truly excellent in everything we do.